Wedding planner Lake of Como

The Wedding Planner service on the Lake of Como is a real challenge, with great satisfaction.

This basically requires long experience and high-class skills, in order to create a punctual offer and detailed service program.

Operators need to face to magnificent locations, without omitting technical elements as difficult entryway or enormous spaces.

For this reason Spaziobianco relies on top venues and their recommended suppliers.


Flower arrangement and lighting equipment exalt the special effects like a movie director does, as the Couple who decide for the Lake of Como wishes to have a very startling event.

Spaziobianco is skilled enough for seeking the right location, create an amazing ceremony and banquet as well as meet the most demanding requests.

The idea to create the civil or symbolic ceremony by using a trifora like architectural element right on the lake or  a lovely garden with bamboo trees all around.

Go on and study the right setting between rounded tables and royal table in such an enormous court surrounded by early twentieth century buildings overlooking the lake.

And then also light up the tables by artificial light or romantic candles, adorn the tables with exclusive elements and colors … all these and many more rules are carried out by Spaziobianco with style and good taste, inspired by the seasonable trends and Roberta’s personality.


The real mission is not only support the guests to the city of Como but also stay within during each moment of the wedding so that to make them part of the event spontaneously

Each detail is so important for the food, this is the reason why Spaziobianco selects only venues whit top caterers.


As per the best standards, music as well as lighting and special effects are tailored-made on specific project by skilled operators in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Password for these weddings is luxury and perfection … right like a Hollywood movie!



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Wedding planner Lake D’Orta

The mission of the Wedding Planner on the Lake of Orta must be tactful and devoted to underline the suitable creativity for the event.

The Lake of Orta is knows as an intimate and secret destination, where also the Isola di San Giulio is called Island of the silence.

Each corner seems to be a postcard, where abroad tourists feel like in a fairytale: no car driving, small shops selling handcrafted products.

Spaziobianco knows where a romantic civic ore religious ceremony can be placed and also opens the doors of private houses where banquet can find their perfect location.

Roof overlooking the village and the lake, which are able to be a very unique romantic scenery for a special wedding

Spaziobianco is the perfect partner for those couples who wish to have such a special rare event like a pearl as well as secret and intimate as the promises of the wedding couple.

His great job is to select qualified partners, able to create an unique and tailored made offer.

Tasty and creative food must qualify the offer together with merry music entertainment and suitable furniture.

Flowers can be such a splendor, even more if matching the old palace and stucco colors.

Also the result of Spaziobianco photographer works are so extraordinary to such an extent that couples come back to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the same atmosphere.

Guest care means also create unforgettable memory!


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A private house located at the end of the path with plentiful hydrangea is the favorite location of Spaziobianco on the Lake of Orta.

A large parkland encircled by cypresses, called the old tennis court, is the perfect setting for the welcome buffet with assorted food stations. Huge space and a beautiful lake view!

The horses of the owner family quietly glaze behind the hedge, coming every now and again because of the guest voices.

A joyful applause welcomes the newly-weds who are coming through an hidden entrance under the little stone bridge, ready to toast with music in the air.

Just a little walk all along the Villa with its light yellow color and its open windows to reach the nice pergola and enjoy the following reception.


A very homey welcome which lets every guest feel like home, at enjoying the lavishly tables and the magnificent view over the Lake of Orta and its beautiful Isola di San Giulio.


At the sunset the color of the Lake becomes gold and blue while the overlooking mountains say goodnight to everybody.


But the party goes on and the guests can enjoy the beautiful elements of the Villa, inside where the refined Empire rooms follow one another and outside where the garden host such a sequence of uniqueness: the old “limonaia” which has became the winter garden, the well adorned by the female statue and the shabby big kitchen.

Spaziobianco aims at using all these different sceneries in order to let the guests fully enjoy the beauty of the venue.


In such a beautiful frame of joy and liveliness, the newly-weds can have a special trip throughout the centre of Orta by a Vespa buggy.


The long history of the Villa either the elegance of the Lake of Orta surely have the power to make this wedding a very special romantic experience.

The atmosphere is so joyful and secretive as the owner is.


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Weddings Lake Maggiore

Spaziobianco is the ideal player for the wedding organization on the Lake Maggiore.

Its venues and sceneries are so familiar to Roberta Adamo, the owner of the agency, who has been always lived in the lake area.

Looking for adorable churches with breathtaking lake view is one of her tips whist reading into each single venues atmosphere is her real passion.

Each wedding on the lake can be unique and special up to the chosen location and time of the day.

The Lake Maggiore offers such a wide range of solutions, thanks to its little islands and hidden treasures which are ready to be discovered!

The Isola Pescatore, one of the three Borromeo Islands, offers its intimate apart church and its shabby restaurant on the end.

At night, under the sky full of stars and the full moon you can fell like at the seaside but smelling a nostalgic taste of the Lake Maggiore.


The typical wood boats can be used for an extra program, thus a short trip to monasteries and castles right on the lake.

The imposing Rocca di Angera is ideal for celebrating a very special reception in its historical  rooms while its Belvedere, like a natural dining, can welcome the ceremony.

White tables, high vases with falling flowers and silver cutlery are the elements for such a perfect elegant setting table while candles on the stairs, textile and cushions on the stones make warmer the severe atmosphere.


Each detail calls for luxury and elegance as per the noble standards.

And the guest eye can reach so far away, even up to the Monte Rosa standing on the horizon.

As the sundown arrives, the light are on and the fortress has new colors thanks to the lighting equipment organized for the wedding: the façade is enriched by stars lighting on it.

In this scenery, music goes on for a never-ending party where food is also a very delicious snuggle for each single moment of the banquet.


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Wedding Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style wedding located in a very particular venue.

La Quassa Resort finds in a lovely green parkland, not far away from Ticino River and the Lake Maggiore shore.

Thanks to lavender brushes and exposed bricks the wedding planner’s work sounds quiet easy: beige cushions and milk bottles with wildflowers in the shadow of the secular oak which stands over the garden.

The setting is charming and agreeable with lovely balloons all around. White pallets and chairs together with gentle color clothes on wood tables and a sequence of flower elements and furniture in style.

Little elements such as tea pot, old cups on framed mirror and a mix of essences and flowers make the effect stronger and even more suggestive.


A natural and spontaneous approach to the event is the main rule for planning, taking care of each single detail and not forgetting even a little string bow.

The same care and the same style need to include the caterer as well, possibly with a Mediterranean touch and home-made products. Italian Risotto scented of chamomile and mint or caramelized lamb with glazed cipollotto.

Beverage is presented with long lined straws in wood boxes while little wicker nests contain different food named by  a nice card.


In this scenery, the Bride is elegant and refined, wearing long tress with little flowers.

Music touches the guests’ hearts trough modern swing melodies, able to make someone dance in the green without shoes.

The real sense of the shabby chic wedding is deep in the heart of the couple of honor where poetry beats any rule: shapes, colors, effects seem to be part of an English vintage movie where problems and stress are left away for one day.

Duepunti Wedding Photography Lago Maggiore

Duepunti Wedding Photography Lago Maggiore

images courtesy Duepunti Wedding Photography