Wedding Planning -  the full service
  • Wedding Planning - the full service

  • For those Couples who wish to rely on a creative and attentive experts, we are able to fully meet their wishes and expectations. A skilled specialist will accompany the Bride and Groom throughout the preparation stages before and on their special day, being on hand to give them advice and counsel when needed.

On the day wedding planner
  • On the day wedding planner

  • Allows the Bride and Groom to relax and avoid any stress and worry during the Big Day. Being present throughout the day ensuring the clients have no worry about decisions regarding the programme, weather or any other hitch or inconvenience.

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  • Wedding

  • Spaziobianco can be a guide and inspiration for those Couples who need support with the design of the event, covering all the special details to make their wedding as unique and exclusive as they would wish for - flowers and table design, candles and lighting, flowers for the ceremony, cake presentation.
    All elements must be carefully linked to the others resulting in a fully coordinated project, including details at the event, for example a gift given as memory of the wedding (wedding favors or presents).

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  • Symbolic

  • romantic and evocative location can be the perfect place to celebrate the symbolic blessing.
    Celebrants selected by Spaziobianco are professional and ready to share emotions and feelings in order to create a special and unique ceremony.
    They can speak many languages and act to create exclusive personalised rituals.
    Celebrants will lead the Bride and Groom in enjoying their ceremony both spiritually and emotionally.
    Spaziobianco and the Couple will work together to create the perfect ceremony from unconventional location to luxury villa, from a forest glade to the shores of Lago Maggiore or Lago di Como.
    Setting will be ad hoc, choosing between lots of options and completed with details and accessories.
    Then to make the experience complete, not to forget the music, photo and video as well as any single accessory for the Guests…