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Roberta Adamo

Founder of SpazioBianco

Roberta Adamo

Ironic, outspoken and detail-oriented. I am Roberta Adamo, an architect and designer, and a wedding planner who has been working on Lake Maggiore for almost two decades.

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I am located in Arona, on Lake Maggiore. You can always find me at +39 3470652055, or you can email

What is SpazioBianco?

"I have always tried to create a human connection with couples, to let them know that they are not alone. Before I know the details of their event, I want to understand what animates them and represent their vision of life and love in the event. So I imagined myself to be like a neutral space where one could imprint, like on a blank canvas, the colors, shapes, and emotions typical of each couple."- Roberta


We carefully and creatively support your wishes and expectations as a couple. This service includes:

  1. Meetings in person;
  2. Unlimited contacts through preferred channel for newlyweds;
  3. Budget planning according to budget and detailed service design;
  4. Research location and ceremony venue;
  5. All-around vendor research, appropriate to style and budget, and logistics planning;
  6. Catered tastings;
  7. Organization table unfolding event;
  8. Presence of a Spaziobianco wedding planner on the day of the event;

We purposely and flexibly support couples who have already planned their wedding, but with some difficulties. This service includes:

  1. Supplier time table control;
  2. Ceremony and reception direction;
  3. Monitoring of services offered by providers;
  4. Flower arrangement style control;
  5. Problem solving due to third party or schedule malfunction;

We offer consultations on key details: floral arrangements and design, which make the wedding unique and exclusive. This service includes:

  1. Designing the "mood" of the wedding;
  2. Choice of flowers;
  3. Scelta dei dettagli;
  4. Graphic design;

For those who want to realize their wedding, or their love, in a symbolic way and in a romantic and evocative setting. This service includes:

  1. Location selection;
  2. Ceremonial choice;
  3. Floral arrangement planning;
  4. Choice of coordinated services;

Editor's note: The Celebrants selected by Spaziobianco are professionals who are accustomed to recreating the atmosphere and emotions worthy of a unique ceremony, know several languages and practice ceremonies with exclusive rites.


SpazioBianco is the business card to your happiness. Working for you takes time and precise organization. What sets us apart from others?

Tailor-made event

Your event is tailored to your expectations, from the setting for the location to every smallest detail.

Constant support

We offer ongoing support via Whatsapp to answer all your questions in real time.

Flexible service

We are flexible and can adapt to your specific needs. We have made our service easy to cancel.