Wedding Planning – the full service

For those Couples who wish to rely on a creative and attentive experts, we are able to fully meet their wishes and expectations. A skilled specialist will accompany the Bride and Groom throughout the preparation stages before and on their special day, being on hand to give them advice and counsel when needed.

This service includes:

  • n initial meeting plus 3 organisational meetings including unlimited administration costs of emails, skype and/or phone calls.
  • Tailor-made wedding project outlining each section of our services
  • Banquet venue selection and ceremony location selection
  • Personalized supplier selection on the basis of style and the budget
  • Support during the menu selection with the caterer
  • Preparation of the event timetable
  • Logistics plan
  • Spaziobianco Event Director on site

from € 1.500 + VAT 22%

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