The La Capuccina resort also a renowned wine producer and restaurant becomes the wonderful setting for this event in the heart of the Piedmont countryside.

Beautiful, healthy, good, simple

The rustic chic dimension, is increasingly trendy and is accompanied by care and attention to sustainable elements. First and foremost, the food is cooked with elements grown or produced very close to the event venue, and the flowers are often locally grown. The flowers are all recycled at the end of the event and the leftover food donated to nearby institutions. Every item, used in the set-up, is recycled without wasting plastic. We at Spaziobianco try to recommend products, such as paper for invitations and the idea to give a gift to guests, with a sustainable product and therefore recycled or produced by local artisans with recycled materials. The rustic then becomes current as well as beautiful, becomes healthy as well as good, and becomes simple instead of elaborate. In these photos one can perceive the chorality and passion that people can demonstrate in place that does not impose a true label appears that of good taste and elegance, For the past year, Spaziobianco has been a partner in a rustic location that succeeds in itself in summing up all these characteristics, giving an experience that smells of lavender and wine and smiles.


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