Tra il dire e il fare c’è la mia presenza come Wedding Planner.

Sono Roberta Adamo e ho lanciato SpazioBianco 13 anni fa. In questi anni, dietro SpazioBianco ci sono principalmente stata io. Eppure, SpazioBianco è diventata una grande famiglia di professionisti del wedding planning che collaborano insieme con gioia e professionalità. Sta a voi decidere quanto debba diventare grande, questa famiglia, a seconda delle vostre esigenze di coppia e quelle dei vostri cari.


It is possible to fall in love at first sight with a place as well as a person.

For this reason, we at SpazioBianco always start our adventure with you from choosing the right location for your wedding. The setting for many of the weddings that SpazioBianco has done in recent years has been the Lake, as you have already read above. We are known for planning amazing events on Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, and Lake Como.

After deciding the location you love the most, we define the style of your event.

Once you have decided the location and set the date of your most special day, the organization of your wedding truly begins. We will define together, indeed, the style that best represents you. Do you want a green wedding or a fairytale wedding? Daytime or evening? Shabby Chic or vintage? In the boxes below you will find the styles that brides and grooms require the most for their weddings. You can find many options on my social profilesWhen we work together everything becomes possible.


Roberta proved to be the best choice we could make to organize our wedding. Professional, reliable and always available to meet our needs. The organization of the entire day was handled in a masterful way and everything went perfectly.

Ilenia B

Roberta immediately demonstrated her professionalism by listening and understanding our ideas and needs. She was able to interpret and propose solutions that fully represented our personalities. She built an event based on us.

Elisa B.

Roberta and her staff not only organize weddings, but they also make the most beautiful day of our lives special. Roberta is a wonderful woman. She works with passion; she pays attention to details, and she personalizes them. She advises, supports, and creates unique and unforgettable events.

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SpazioBianco is your wedding planner on Lake Maggiore, D'Orta, Como and Varese; Langhe and Monferrato. We support couples, professionals and locations in organizing unforgettable moments, taken care of in every detail and every aspect. Our service is all-round: from wedding planning, to flower and arrangement design, to vendor coordination. A simple service that solves complex problems.

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