SpazioBianco recommended one of the most sumptuous villas on Lake Maggiore, Villa Muggia, which has beautiful views of the Borromean Islands and the rooftops of Stresa's famous hotels.

A whirlwind of events that is never boring

A Bohemian setting was studied in these images, using floral and decoration elements typical of this style. The ecru lace, crochet and dehydrated or pampas flowers that give these somewhat retro atmospheres. The bride maintained a contemporary style while hinting at choosing a lace gown. The always elegant and refined Villa, with its 1930s pool and early 1900' style, helped recreate these light nods. A swing band with 4 elements made sure, that the musicality took us a little bit back in time. Very romantic and September color choice. Bright pinks, soft pinks and burgundies ending in hints of black. All illuminated by trays and cutlery with romantic and floral decorations. Also in this solution the Lake in the first part of the event during the ceremony in a church that has the terrace in view and then the choice of a refined location famous for its green spaces. The villa also possessing rooms with wonderful modern tapestries, inspired by the art recò helped to create an even more elegant environment in the ball and dance party moment. Each moment had its own particular space and stylistic feature, creating a whirlwind of events that were never boring. Every two hours change of scene and atmosphere always with a unique style chosen together with the bride and groom.


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