SpazioBianco chose for its clients Villa Rusconi Clerici in Pallanza organize ceremony and reception in the same place. The Villa is close to the city of Verbania

A romantic ceremony, a starry sky and... disco music

If a couple is looking for a place to accommodate even more than 200 guests, from all parts of the world and wants, that these people can attend a ceremony by the Lake, with arrival of the bride by boat, then hold aperitif and dinner with the same view, there is on Lake Maggiore a Villa that has the spaces and gives the possibility to realize this program. Spaziobianco created, for the guests of this event, recounted by these images, a romantic ceremony with a white flower walk, a diffused island aperitif and acrobatic, elegant, flower-drenched open bar, a dinner under a roof of a thousand stars in the central pavilion with Italian-style singing and dancing, a scenic cake cutting under the imposing facade of the villa, and then a surprise for all departure of two steamers from the villa's pier and off to wild dances until the morning, at a lakeside location where you can dance outside doing disco music. Every detail was carefully taken care of even the right accessories, for example: silk pashiminas for the ladies with initials of the bride and groom and chocolate cigars for the gentlemen. Small personalized fabric bags with masks and sanitizers inside and a small sweet thought for the guests. Each guest was able to ask for information in his or her native language as bilingual staff was present, and each person enjoyed constant accompaniment from the staff. Care and dedication are a key ingredient in putting your guests at ease.


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