SpazioBianco has been recommending to its clients The Grand Hotel Majestic, which has been a most elegant and understated place for many years. Overlooking some of the Borromean islands of Lake Maggiore and very close to the heart of Pallanza it boasts proximity to the church of San Leonardo that hems near the lakefront.

Total white as an act of faith

White is quintessentially the wedding color, but it is often the base from which we start and then add a varied color palette with contrasting colors. Choosing to have a Total White wedding is an act of absolute faith. In this story that took place on Lake Maggiore at the location of the Hotel Majestic in Pallanza, the bride and groom wanted to emphasize the purity of their understanding by celebrating in total white. The flowers were absolutely all white, without presenting foliage, the elements were embellished with white fabrics and drapes, and every detail at most had brightness as an additional decoration. In fact, the bride wore an absolutely unprecedented dress by a Milanese designer, who attended to help her put it on. The dress that was the strongest element of the event was completely covered with Swarovski crystals of all sizes creating the effect of a starry sky. The arrival of the bride and groom by speedboat directly to the hotel pier was beautiful because the bride was shining in her own light. The rest of the event was punctuated all by candid details with totally white elements.

Fairy Tale Wedding


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