Spaziobianco has recommended villa Frua and the church in Belgirate to clients for an intimate and classic wedding. Villa Frua in Stresa on Lake Maggiore features a pool in the park and a starlit area. The Chiesa Vecchia Di Belgirate has a view of the rooftops of the small lakeside town and a breathtaking panorama of Lake Maggiore.

Being Classic and Elegant

A wedding is born from a dream; in every dream there are recurring classical elements. The white bridal veil, the bouquet of roses and peonies, the candles and lights in the dark, a tiered cake full of flowers the dress by Pronovias. Spaziobianco tries to decline the classic, while still giving cues to make it always personal. The use of white fabrics such as velarium, in the entrance of the church, represent sets related to classic styles but with a desire to create movement and lightness, are also noted for the use of flowers traditional compositions that belong to classic images, but with use of more particular contemporary flowers and very creative elements such as the lights within them in the centerpiece ,trying to recreate a new style that looks to the past but with one foot in the future. The important thing is that tradition meets the contemporary and that together they come together in good harmony. Choosing an elegant location but with hints of modern design can give more contrast to the wedding, and in addition, a current catering proposal makes the event less obvious. In these photos you can see a very classic wedding starting with the bride's dress but if you browse through the design you will notice hints and details that will instead make the event young and contemporary.


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