Pallanza (VB)

This mansion stands directly on the shore of Lake Maggiore and boasts the presence of a large park bathed by the waters.

La vista spettacolare che si gode dal terrazzo davanti all’ingresso della Villa è il motivo per il quale molte coppie di futuri sposi scelgono questa location per festeggiare il loro giorno più bello.
La Villa è stata distrutta nella metà dell’ottocento e ricostruita alla fine di esso, con la foggia Neobarocca e Eclettica di oggi.

The park and winter garden were enlarged, also in this period, resulting in a perfect balance of typical Italian spontaneity and Neoclassical rigor.

The Biffi family was the architect of this construction, and later the Counts Rusconi Clerici continued to give the mansion care and attention.

Today the Clerici family owns the Villa and has been renting it for special events for years.

Indian maharajas and wealthy scions of Italian families have married in this Villa.

The park directly on the Lake, is living room for long aperitifs both day and evening.

Engineer Rusconi Clerici built a large greenhouse with modern fashions to allow guests to be able to lunch or dine by the Lake but protected by a structure.

Above the greenhouse he chose to make a lawn cover, creating an all-view terrace that can be used for symbolic ceremonies or welcome cocktails.

The Villa is also developed in the basement where rooms covered with vaulted ceilings and frescoes can accommodate up to 300 people for the time of the ball and dancing party.

The garden stretches over an area of 3,000 square meters, hosting centenarian trees of remarkable size.

Many species typical of Lake Maggiore alternate their flowering giving always a partly green partly colorful garden.

The Villa also has a stone dock and pier since the use of the boat as a means was essential.

Even today the bride can arrive by speedboat to the ceremony or the bride and groom can arrive by boat directly to the Villa Even if they were married in an outside church.

The Villa is perfect for summer and fall and spring weddings, but during winter it is closed to the public as the most picturesque part is the garden, which goes dormant and hibernates in winter.

The imposing facade of the Villa provides the setting for a wedding that can have either a romantic or bucolic style but never country or rustic.

The choice of colors for the scenery is immense as the wedding takes place in the park and greenhouse both neutral settings.

Near the Villa just a 5-minute walk away stands the church of San Lorenzo, which can be used by brides and grooms even if they are not residents of Verbania and has the numerical capacity of 300 people. The church is close to the lake so it is often natural for the bride and groom to return to the villa by boat and not on foot.

There are many hotels and dining places near the villa so it is easy to arrange the guests' stay without stress.