Double ceremony

Ruth & Shaly were united in marriage with two rites one Hindu and one Western.

The western one took place on Lake Maggiore at Villa Rusconi Clerici with a ceremony on the lake shore and with a party that was partly Italian and partly Hindu, starting with food.

Spaziobianco organized all the locations for the various ceremonies that took place over 3 days of celebration.

He took care of the Italian and Indian catering and the floral arrangements.

The Spaziobianco staff is used to Indian and Hindu weddings and therefore includes:

- make-up artists who have already done dark skin tones
- florists who know how to work with flowers that have an important meaning for this wedding
- catering specializing in Indian food
- specialized musicians who can accompany the various dances and performances of the spouses and guests.

Spaziobianco also pays special attention to finding hotels that have experience with Indian customers and suitable means of transport.

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